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CC Image courtesy of Moyan_Brenn on FlickrMy online dating journey gets off to an inauspicious start.  The site invites me to write a profile.  I chew the proverbial pencil for a few minutes before beginning:

I like solitude.

Something tells me this isn’t a winning approach.  I think some more.  In the end I punch out a few lines indicating that I like dancing, writing, and cake, I don’t much like art galleries and museums, and, bottom line, we need to have a laugh together.

60+ messages in my inbox later I’m realising there are things I like even more than cake.  Things like punctuation, spelling, and not being addressed as ‘Babe’.

Things like real life.

And with that thought, I close the tab, shower, get dressed, and go out.  To a gallery perhaps, with a cafe that serves really good cake.


This post is part of the 3 Dates, 3 Months! series.  Just Singles challenged its favourite dating bloggers to try three different methods of finding a date, and write about the experience.  

This month: Just Singles.

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