The Spanish Inquisition

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I’m having drinks with that rare being, the Guy Friend, who is also – even rarer – a subscriber to this blog.  The price of friendship.

‘You know how when you first read the blog,’ I say, ‘you said you had no idea people thought like this, and that you’d have to think more carefully now about your behaviour?’


‘What made you say that?’

‘Err – ‘

‘Was it the post about how long to wait to reply to a text?’

He laughs. ‘Yes.’

‘So you’ve never thought about that?’ 


‘OK, so let’s imagine a girl you’re interested in texts you.  What do you do?’

‘Well, I reply, either straightaway or I leave it a bit, depending on what I’m doing at the time.  But I don’t think about it!’


‘What, never?’

He looks very confused. ‘No!’


Later that night, walking to the bus stop, I text him:

‘Fancy drinks/coffee this weekend?  You’d have first refusal on the write-up x’

He gets back to me within the hour; and come the morning, I reply.  Old habits die hard.

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4 thoughts on “The Spanish Inquisition

  1. There are different Don Juans. Don Giovanni is strident, decisive and callous, whereas Eric Linklater’s Juan in America, which I think is based on Byron’s Don Juan, is a more sympathic, manipulable character. Either way, I think the Don would be unable to resist Apple’s glossy ad campaigns. I’m going with iPhone.

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