Spring Has Sprung!

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Exciting news!

For the first time in my life, a houseplant under my care has borne FLOWERS.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit A


And now for the close-up…

The close-up


My book, ‘Orchid and the Art of Neglect’, will be out in the autumn.  An excerpt:

If you are too hot on the coldest night of the year, open your bedroom window.  Who knows, your orchid might also enjoy a cooling breeze? [….]  It is important to stay hydrated, so keep a glass of water by your bed.  Should you find it collecting dust, decant onto orchid.  This is called watering.

The danger now is that I will start looking after it.


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. this is quite funny actually…although i absolutely deplore the sniping comments about east london in the following post…it is not “shabby” – it is a lovely place!

    • You might be interested to know, the orchid is doing well, despite being showered with love and attention. I should take it on a road trip to lovely East London at some point.

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