Sweet Sorrow

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(Continued from Friends Without Benefits)

‘It’s not – it’s not me, is it?’

Over Sam’s shoulder, I can see Toby, standing at the far end of the room, chatting to his partner.  She’s laughing like a school girl.  I feel slightly sick.

‘No, you’re quite safe.’ 

Time to call it a night.  There’s a cookie at home with my name on it.  Not that sick.

I head for the door.  In the foyer, I stop.  I could just say goodbye; that would tell me…something.  I double back.  A guy I know has joined them.  Normally, I’d run a mile; but tonight…

‘Nice to see you!’  He’s similarly effusive.  The four of us start walking towards the exit.  At the door, I turn to Toby.

‘Well, good night.’

‘We didn’t really get a chance to speak!’ 

‘No, I know.  Well – I’ll see you soon.’ 

I rush out, narrowly avoiding a collision with Sam.


No.  Cookie.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow

  1. Great blog. Well written.

    Please can you inject some more subtle jokes, as they make me laugh.

    With cheese,
    Grant ‘The one armed pirate with a dead parrot. I over feed him. I over feed him because I loved him and you cant really love something too much can you? No, no you can’t, but he was a good bird. I think next time I will get a ferret, I hear they are more fun’ Pentecost William-Goodwin.

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