A Conversation

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How was the blind date???CC Image courtesy of Ewan-M on Flickr

Beatrice checking in.

He’s very sweet, I send back, but I think I’d like a bit more edge or something.  He’s very traditional in some respects.

But you’re quite traditional too.  Is it not the same kind?

Ouch.  I’m not that traditional! 

I wear Converse!

Next thing, Mr Traditional texts me – OK, so he’s not that traditional either – suggesting dinner; and I reply, saying that I thought he was lovely but that I didn’t think the chemistry was there.

Beatrice is back.

Depends on your definition but you’re quite traditional yes (and it’s not a bad thing).

Just because I don’t stream ILLEGALLY…

The ‘traditional’ debate is still going strong when we meet for lunch the next day.  I’m wearing my Converse, to prove a point.

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Much Ado About Nothing

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CC Image courtesy of CrazyFast on Flickr‘I’ve got a blind date tomorrow…’

‘Really?’ Sam says.  ‘Who with?’

I tell him about the text.

‘I think I’ve taken the blind part a bit too literally though – I haven’t seen a decent picture.’

Or an indecent one, for that matter.

‘Well, that’s stupid,’ he says.

A voice comes from behind me.  ‘What’s stupid? I turn to see Freddie standing there, handsome in mango.

‘Nothing,’ I say quickly.

‘Is it blog-related? he asks.

‘Err no, not really.’  I look for a change of subject. I can’t remember, do you read the blog?’


‘That’s a no.’

‘I would if I was in it properly,’ he says, ‘rather than just as a prop!’

He’s complained about this before.

I laugh.  ‘Yeah – well…

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I Am Single

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CC Image courtesy of danceonair1986 on FlickrIncoming text from Philip, a blast from the past.  (He ordered ice-cream.)  It reads as follows:

Are you single?  I have in mind the ideal guy for you   he even did ballroom at oxford   can I give him your number to organise a blind date

Philip doesn’t believe in full stops.

I’m considering what to say by way of reply, when my computer alerts me to a perfectly punctuated, oh-so-witty message, from Toby.

I re-read the text, and send back:

Best. Text. EVER.  Yes, I am single, and yes, why not?!  Does he have a name?

Who cares?  Does he have a pulse?

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