Anniversary Present

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CC Image courtesy of Droid Gingerbread on Flickr

‘Don’t read too much into it.’

It’s Beatrice on the line.

‘No.’  I hesitate before going on.  ‘You know – do you remember Joe in the blog?  We went on a few dates at the end of last year.’


‘Well, it might be weird that I remember this, but the party where Joe and I met last year was on the same date as the house party which Nice Guy has invited me to!’

‘The same date?’

‘Yes, the exact same date!  And,’ I laugh, ‘it’s in the same place!’

‘What do you –?’

‘I mean – it’s in Dalston!  I only went to Dalston once last year, and that was the night I met Joe!  And I’ll probably only go there once this year, for this party!  Weird, huh?!’

There’s a pause.

‘You remember the date?’ Beatrice says.

‘Yeah, because, well, it was quite a big deal, the party, where Joe and I met.  We were sent, like, proper invitations – paper ones.  So yeah, I remember the date.’

Another, longer pause.

‘Yeah don’t read too much into it.’

CC Image courtesy of Kristin Roach on Flickr