An Ideal Husband

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Several things happen.  In the cloakroom, I bump into Hannah.

‘I saw Freddie’s mother yesterday,’ she says, ‘and she was telling me about the time she rescued you or something?’

I roll my eyes. ‘Oh God.  She always goes on about–.’

‘And she was saying how she thought you’d be the perfect husband for him.’


‘Wife, sorry – the perfect wife for Freddie.’

‘Oh – right.’  I frown.  ‘She always talks about the time – it was very kind of her – basically I’d locked myself out of my flat and it was freezing and she came and picked me up.  But she always mentions it, every time I see her!’

Hannah laughs.  ‘She always will.’

‘I know you’re right.’

Freddie’s mother will still be telling that story when we’re old and grey, have five children and a house full of dusty books.  Oh wait…


‘How goes your mission?’

The official challenge might be over, but my dating days hopefully are not; and Rachel and I have set ourselves the task of finding a date in the course of the evening.

I look past her, towards Hannah’s table. ‘Hmm. I just bumped into a friend of Freddie’s. Apparently his mother thinks I’d be a good wife for him.’ I laugh. ‘Now all we need is for Freddie to come round to her way of seeing things!’

Rachel frowns. ‘Do you like Freddie?’

I think for a moment. ‘I used to, a lot. I think I’ve accepted that he doesn’t see me that way, but well, at one point it looked like he did – no he did, judging by his behavior, but when we talked about it he said…’

The music comes on for the next dance.

I shrug. ‘I think we’d be good together.’

We go off in search of our partners.

Passing one of the tables, I notice a guy I’ve never met, but who I feel like I know.  There’s a spark of recognition in his face also.


Then there’s Todd.  Who I know I have chemistry with.  And who I know knows it.  I join him in the breakfast queue.  I say ‘in it’.  He’s accidentally on purpose jumped to the front.

‘Do you think it’s OK if I join you here?’ I say.

The couple behind us look amenable enough, whilst pointing out that they are not the end of the queue – it snakes back some way.  Todd feigns innocence, and we thank the couple for letting us in.

‘Sorry do you mind…?’

This time it’s Todd who is amenable, and lets the guy get to the scrambled egg.

Laughing, I say, ‘We’d be hypocrites to say no, being queue-jumpers ourselves.’

Todd laughs.

‘I’m very stealth, aren’t I?!’

He scoops egg onto his plate. ‘You’d be a rubbish spy!’

I laugh.  Plates in hand, we make our way back to the table.  I liked him when we met, two years ago now.  And I like him still.


‘There’s a guy here, and it’s a bit weird, cos, well, we have a bit of history…’

By which I mean, I added him on Facebook after we met at a party (the hostess kept introducing us to each other, and each time we pretended we hadn’t met before), and he struck up a conversation… before going MIA.

‘… that is, I think he liked me at one point – no I know he did, a bit – but well, he’s engaged…’

‘No. Just no, Anna.  You don’t want to be that girl.’

Rachel’s been abroad for a bit.  I’ve missed her no-nonsense manner.

‘No,’ I say.

‘Wait til he’s married, then you can be that girl.’



We dance, Todd and I, and I try not to flirt. Because, well, his fiancée is next to me in the set, and, well, he has a fiancée!!!!  Suddenly a guy ‘having a girlfriend’ doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal.


On the stairs, I see the guy from before.  I know who he is – I knew immediately on seeing him.  He’s a bit shorter than I expected, and looks quieter, nicer.  We exchange faint smiles.

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Bloody Buses: Part I

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‘Have you ever been told you’re beautiful?’CC Image courtesy of Christi Nielsen on Flickr

This isn’t FFS. This is a guy I’ve known for years, sitting beside me at a bus stop, just twenty-four hours after Stephen asked if I was ‘coming for that drink’.  Has a memo gone out to all my male acquaintance: hit on me now because it might be your last chance?!

I laugh. ‘Yes, once.  Actually I saw the guy who said it last night.’

Thursday Guy had appeared at dancing for the first time in months, and judging from his behaviour, he’d also seen the memo.


We’re on our way back from a night out, which was supposed to be my third ‘method of finding a date’.  It began with dinner.  In the spirit of ‘making things happen’, I’d specifically requested a seat next to Eligible Bachelor.  Instead I find myself between Ben – who thinks of me rather like a sister… who he doesn’t much like – and an empty chair.

Across from me is an accountant, who after half a bottle of wine betrays a flicker of personality.

‘Swan Lake?’ I say, when a new song comes on over the sound system.

He looks at me like I’m from another planet.


‘It’s Ella Fitzgerald,’ he says, slowly.

‘Oh – yeah.’

We laugh.


‘Thanks for your text.’

It’s a moment before Ben remembers what I’m referring to. ‘Oh, no worries.’

‘I imagine I’m not the first person to ask that….’

What’s the lowdown on Patrick?

Ben came back to me a week later…

I’m afraid Patrick has a girlfriend.

Patrick? Patrick who?


We spill out onto the pavement, to be met by Michael.

‘Long time, no see!’

We hug.

‘You’re very late.  Where have you been?!’

Michael runs a hand through his already untidy hair.

‘Oh… I was held up.’ 

I take his arm.  ‘That’s very enigmatic…’

And all I’m getting apparently.

‘So… are you in love?’ I say, with a grin.  He always asks me this.

Again he ruffles his hair.  ‘No.  Are you?’




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This post is part of the 3 Dates, 3 Months! series. Just Singles challenged its favourite dating bloggers to try three different methods of finding a date, and write about the experience.

This month: A night out.

Last month: Just Singles.


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Solitary Woman

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CC Image courtesy of Moyan_Brenn on FlickrMy online dating journey gets off to an inauspicious start.  The site invites me to write a profile.  I chew the proverbial pencil for a few minutes before beginning:

I like solitude.

Something tells me this isn’t a winning approach.  I think some more.  In the end I punch out a few lines indicating that I like dancing, writing, and cake, I don’t much like art galleries and museums, and, bottom line, we need to have a laugh together.

60+ messages in my inbox later I’m realising there are things I like even more than cake.  Things like punctuation, spelling, and not being addressed as ‘Babe’.

Things like real life.

And with that thought, I close the tab, shower, get dressed, and go out.  To a gallery perhaps, with a cafe that serves really good cake.


This post is part of the 3 Dates, 3 Months! series.  Just Singles challenged its favourite dating bloggers to try three different methods of finding a date, and write about the experience.  

This month: Just Singles.

Last month: Argentine tango classes. 

Three’s A Crowd

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‘Change partners!’CC Image courtesy of wwarby on Flickr

It’s like speed dating to music.

You begin with exercises as a group, then they split you, women facing men, and you learn your steps.  It’s very efficient.  Twenty (men) quickly become ten (under 40), then five (under 30), then two (vaguely hot).

‘Hi, I’m [insert my name].’

‘Hi, I’m Nick.’

And attractive and nice-looking, a bit like Blog Nick, though older than I first thought.  Milonga is dancing with Nick’s girlfriend/wife/some woman he keeps looking at.

‘Change again!’

We take up hold.

‘Oops sorry, my bad!  Wrong leg!’

‘Don’t worry!’ I say. ‘It’s bound to happen when there’s a choice!’

We laugh, and introduce ourselves.

‘That was fun, thanks!’ I say, when the track comes to an end.

‘It was!’

He rejoins his girlfriend.

‘Shall we?’

Milonga and I take up hold.  Dancing with Milonga feels… sophisticated, grown-up, empowering.  Once upon a time, the sight of him turned me into a nervous wreck.  Now, here we are, dancing together.  The physical chemistry simmers pleasantly, and his hand occasionally drifts to the small of my back.  But that’s the way of the dance.

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This post is part of the 3 Dates, 3 Months! series.  Just Singles challenged its favourite dating bloggers to try 3 different methods of finding a date, and write about the experience.  

This week: Argentine tango classes.

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