Shoe Story

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CC Image courtesy of JeneaWhat on Flickr

My first boyfriend

And the man I left him for

And the man I left him for

My first love

The first man I slept with

My first…

The man who broke my heart

And the man who helped put it back together again

And the man who helped put it back together again

crush shoes

The man I crush on

The man I love

The man I love


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Catching Up

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‘How was last night?’€™ my mother asks.CC Image courtesy of kendrick on Flickr

Wild passionate sex… did not feature. It was a friend’s birthday drinks.

‘You’€™ll never guess who was there!’ I say. ‘Andrew Maclean!’

My first real – in every sense of the word – boyfriend.

‘It was fine actually. As in – we chatted a bit – but – well – I can’t help feeling, with an ex, there’€™s always an element of competition…’

‘What’€™s he doing now?’

‘He’€™s a management consultant!’ I say, laughing. ‘So yeah, not really a competition!’

‘I was going to say…’

Thank you Mother.


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Happy Anniversary!

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‘Quite an achievement!’

First Boyfriend had just observed that we’d been going out for exactly two months. My remark was meant as a reflection on my own dating history (this was my first relationship not involving a man from period drama), but he took it personally.

‘It wasn’t that difficult, was it?’


And I meant it.

At this point he produced a box of Lindt chocolates.

This was the man who would later warn me that life isn’t like a Jane Austen novel.  No, because Lindt wasn’t founded until 1845.

On Sunday, Mad Blogs and Englishmen celebrated its two month anniversary. To mark the occasion, I cracked open a bar of Lindt.

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