Things I’ve Said to Tristan

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CC Image courtesy of masochismtango on Flickr

‘I’ve started going grey!’ Before pointing out the offending hairs.


‘If I was with someone and they wanted children I’d probably advise them to have them with someone else to ensure they don’t suffer from anxiety!’


‘If you were chatting to a girl on Tinder…’

This story definitely isn’t about me.

‘… and you’d been chatting for a while and you invited her round to yours and she came, would you ever consider going out with her or would you just see it as… just sex?’

Just sex apparently.

‘So what should you say when he asks? Just no, or… no, but how about drinks?’

Just no.

CC Image courtesy of Amy Loves Yah on Flickr

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Lady Grey

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‘Charcoal and tomato red.’CC Image courtesy of Cea on Flickr  My mother holds the swatches up to my face.

I study my reflection in the mirror.

‘I like.’

What’s not to?

My mother nods.

‘It’s a great combination.’

‘Winter then?’ I say.

‘No question.’

‘So black is OK?’


‘And – and grey?’

We laugh.  It’s a running joke between my Mum and I, my obsession with all things grey.  The long winter evenings just fly by.

‘Yes, we said charcoal’s good – with contrast.’

‘And what about white?’ I say.

‘Not ivory.’

‘Oooh problem for the wedding dress.’

‘You can wear white.’

She has a point.

‘Or….’  I start laughing.

‘Not grey!’

 CC Image courtesy of libertygrace0