Mission: Impossible

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‘Which man are you chasing at the moment?’ Sam says.CC Image courtesy of kricav on Flickr

I don’t chase!

‘No one,’ I say.



I tell him about Mission: Hugo.

‘I did the same thing,’ he says.

Presumably not with Hugo.

‘What do you mean?’ I say.

‘Well, I saw a girl I thought I knew on a dating site…’

Thought you knew. Tenuous.

‘… and so I signed up.’

‘What happened?’ I say.

‘I messaged her… but she didn’t reply. I think she probably thought I was one of those weird stalker types.’

Which you are.

‘So I went on a date with this other girl.  But it wasn’t good.’

‘Oh.’ I laugh. ‘Is this what everyone does – join these sites because they know someone on them who they fancy?!’

Suddenly it all makes perfect sense.

CC Image courtesy of Paul J Everett

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‘I need a username.  Suggestions please?’CC Image courtesy of Walt Stoneburner on Flickr

Beatrice has just alerted me to Hugo’s presence on a dating website.  So I’ve come to take a look.

‘You know it’s £35 to join?’ she says.

‘Registering is free.’

‘Will you be able to see the profiles?’

‘Only one way to find out!’

A couple of minutes later, I’m in.  I go to Advanced Search and enter his details.  Blue eyes, slim, works in Banking and Financial Services, 28…

‘Found him!’

I read the profile.

Now what?  Only one thing for it.  I start filling out my own.

‘Argh it’s asking for my job title!’ I say.

I’ve a feeling ‘human signpost’ isn’t going to cut it.  Ditto ‘free spirit’.

‘Yes it’s for young professionals.’

Beatrice is very clued up for someone who’s supposedly not a member.

‘What if you’re just young?’

I plump for ‘Client Services’.

Now it wants my ‘narrative’.  If I knew that, I’d have written the bloody book and Client Services would be a thing of the past!  I model it on Hugo’s (not Victor), not because I want him to like me, but because it’s a lot less work.  And hit ‘Save’.  Seems appropriate.

CC Image courtesy of Crossett Library Bennington College on Flickr