The Couch and the Poof

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‘How are you feeling about it all?’ 

One of the perks of having an aspiring psychotherapist for a best friend: being asked wonderfully open-ended, self-indulgent questions – for free.

‘Surprisingly fine!’


‘Yes, well, sort of.  OK, so I wasn’t going to tell you this…’


‘… but – the method I chose for getting over him – I went for the oh-so-healthy option of immediately transferring all my feelings onto a new victim!’

‘Oh!  Who?’

‘Simon.  I think I’ve mentioned him before?’

‘Y-es.  Isn’t he gay?’

‘Jury’s still out on that one.’ 

The same could not be said of Simon.

‘Rrright.  Well… well done!’

I feel a huge sense of achievement, and admiration for my friend who has the makings of a marvellous psychotherapist.