Worlds Apart

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I roll over, reach for my phone. A missed call and two messages. One of them I’ve already read – a grammatical car crash from the guy who, ten hours’ earlier, I was lip to lip with.


‘Culturally it’s very different, right?’

This is me trying to sound intelligent about China.

‘Yes,’ he says. ‘And they spit, when they talk.’

‘They spit?!’


Which is when he goes in for the kiss. Just the right amount of spit, in case you wanted to know.


So there’s him asking, ‘How was [the] rest or your night?’. And then there’s Rachel

‘I’ve got a bit of a disaster…’

It might be the first time L.K.Bennett – queen of sartorial conservatism – and ‘disaster’ have found themselves in the same sentence. Newly engaged Rachel has found a bridesmaid dress she likes and wants to know what I think. Another message, this time a picture of the sender, fresh-faced and perky, modeling an elegant lace number. I lie there, eyeliner streaked across my face, scarf wrapped around my head to muffle the midday sounds of suburban London, feeling our worlds edge that little bit further apart.

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Dressing for Dinner

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CC Image courtesy of roboppy on FlickrI’m sitting eating a croissant, because of course they’re not fattening, when I get a text from my Mum.  She’s in London for the day.

‘I’m free.  Can I come to you now?’

I look down at my pyjamas: tracksuit bottoms and a lace-trimmed v-neck.  I should probably get dressed.

‘Of course!’ I send back. ‘E.t.a.?’

They might pass for loungewear, whatever that is.

‘Half 5?’

Hmm not worth the risk.

I’m about to confirm that half 5 is fine, when I get another message:

‘Change of plan.  Meet you at the restaurant.’

Is loungewear on trend?

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A Simple Philosophy

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I was having doubts not so long ago, the kind of doubts that wear you down until, at a party, you hear yourself asking a virtual stranger for relationship advice.  Virtual Stranger, having been put in the picture, said,

‘It’s very simple.  Does he make you happy?’

‘Isn’t that a bit simplistic?’

‘No, it’s what it comes down to.  Do you wake up and think of the person and feel happy?’

Virtual Stranger is obviously a morning person.

‘Well, sort of.’

He gave me a pitying look.

‘OK then no I don’t.’

‘There’s your answer.’

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