Why You Should Date Around

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CC image courtesy of debsilver on FlickrI met Tom on Bumble, though he thought we’d matched on Tinder. This, combined with the fact he revamped his entire dating profile on the eve of our first date, rang alarm bells. I was also his first date after five years in a relationship.

When his communication slowed and his dating profile changed again in the days leading up to date #2 (supper at his), I ran scared. I was looking for a relationship; he appeared to be looking to get laid. So I did something I’ve never done before: I lied to get out of the date.

‘Could we rearrange?’ I wound up.

It was a test. I was 99% sure he wouldn’t reschedule.

He did.

In the days that followed, his bio underwent several rewrites. My favourite of his tag lines was ‘Not a complete dickhead’. I badly wanted to believe it.

Read the full article at Singles Warehouse.

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I’ll Be Seeing You

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CC Image courtesy of andertoons on FlickrMr ‘Rubbish at Texting’ (his words not mine) and I went on a second date.  Arranged via smoke signal.

His parting words, come the end of the evening:

‘See you very soon.’

Said in that meaningful way which leads you to believe (fatally) that you will see the guy very soon.  So much for living and learning.

What Joe didn’t say of course was that I would hear from him very soon/soon/in the course of the next few days.  Because that would have been a lie.

Which brings us to the here and now.  I initiated the first two text conversations; I’m done.  If he wants to see me again (and it won’t be very soon now, or even soon), he can get in touch.  And if not, I will get over him, very… very…

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