Striking Match

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CC Image courtesy of A.J Photo on FlickrI get in from dancing.  With no romantic prospects on the horizon, I decide to browse Tinder.  A succession of no’s later, I’m about to call it a night, when a familiar face floats into view.  I hesitate, finger poised over the screen.

Simon is Toby‘s best friend.  It used to be a running joke between Toby and I that he would set me up with Simon, which he never did.  His excuse was that he didn’t think we were a good match.  Oh the irony.

I scroll through the photos.  He’s attractive, no question.  And funny: that I know from when we did finally meet at a party early in the summer.  Toby had texted after the event, asking what I thought of him.

‘Nice guy.  Why?’

‘Well I know you were keen to get to know him.’

‘So it’s not that he’s declared his undying love for me?’

‘Well I haven’t seen him since.  I’m sure he would if he had the chance.’

That was the last time we spoke.

I hit ‘like’.  A few seconds pass.  The now familiar screen sweeps into view.

Excitement quickly gives way to feelings of trepidation.  I drift off to sleep wondering how, if we were ever to meet in a date scenario, I would explain, well, everything.

CC Image courtesy of Katie & Ian on Flickr