The Games We Play

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CC Image courtesy of theuptownlife on FlickrWe’re playing ‘Never Have I Ever’.  Well, the others are.  I’m sipping white wine at random intervals, and getting all sorts of funny looks.  I appeal to Sandwich Guy, sitting to my left, for an explanation of the rules.

Somebody makes a statement.

‘So,’ I say, glass in hand, ‘I drink if…?’

Sandwich Guy explains.

‘Oh right – then no.’  I put my glass down.

‘No?’ he says.  ‘What about Freddie?’

What do you care?  You ditched me for prawn.

‘Oh – no,’ I say.

He looks surprised.  ‘What, never?’


‘No, never.  Why?  Does it look like…?’

‘Well, you’re a natural couple – I mean, you’re obviously great friends.’

He actually said ‘great chums’, but it wouldn’t do to alienate readers.

‘Yes, we are, but – no, we’ve never been involved.’

‘Oh.  I just thought – because you’re a natural couple…’

You already said that.

‘Hmmm, well, no.’

‘Sorry,’ he says, ‘people probably say this to you all the time.’

‘No, you’re the first actually.’

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The next day, I’m having coffee with Beatrice.  I glance at my phone.

‘That’s weird – I’ve got a missed call from Sandwich.’

We’re on first name terms: Beatrice, Sandwich, and I.

‘Oh!  Why would he ring you?’ she says.

‘I don’t know.  I’ll ring him back in a bit…’

She walks with me back to the flat.  We agree that it’ll save us a Skype chat if I ring Sandwich then and there.

‘Hello,’ he says.  ‘How are you?  How was the rest of your night?’

Small talk ensues.

‘I only rang because…’

It’s a flimsy excuse: he wants to check the date of a dance practice.  I thank him for a dinner party he gave earlier in the week.

‘… but I’ll write, of course,’ I finish up.

‘Really no need.’

‘No I will – I like writing!’

He doesn’t know about the blog.

‘I know,’ he says.

But I might have let slip during ‘Never Have I Ever’ that I’ve dabbled in erotic fiction.

He asks where it’s been published.  I deflect the question.

‘And anyway, I write under a pseudonym.’

‘Oh – of course.  What’s your pseudonym?’

I laugh.  Beatrice rolls her eyes.

‘I’ll see you on Thursday then,’ I say.

I hang up.

‘Well?’ she says from the sofa.

‘He wanted to know about dance practices this week.’

‘Why did he need to ring you for that?’

I can’t help smiling.

‘I dunno.’

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Valentine’s Day Post

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‘Did you get my card?’CC Image courtesy of paulinel1 on Flickr

I do a double take. Does he know what day it is? Of course he does; it’s his party. He’s spent the afternoon blitzing beetroot to make a dip in keeping with the colour theme. Which is red.

‘€˜Er card?’ I say.

‘Well – letter.’

Thank you letter. I only know two men who write thank you letters; and for three hundred and sixty-four days of the year, I’m thrilled to receive them.

‘Oh. No, not yet.’

‘That’s odd,’ he says.

I laugh. ‘€˜It had better not arrive today!’

He looks hurt and confused. I remove a fleck of beetroot from his hair. Perhaps he doesn’€™t know what day it is.

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