Work of Fiction

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CC Image courtesy of Canada.2020 on Flickr‘So, are you a journalist,’ my date asks, or are you the real thing, like Salman Rushdie?’

Am I like Salman Rushdie?

‘The second.  Well, short stories.’

Very short.

‘And are they fantasy?  Or… sci-fi with, I dunno, vampires?’

‘Vampires!?’ I say.  ‘Where did that come from?’

‘Isn’t that what’s trendy at the moment?  Vampires and stuff?’

I laugh.  ‘Err maybe, but no, no vampires.’ 

That I know of.

I go on.  ‘To be honest, I’m not the most imaginative of writers.  They’re more about character, drawing on real life.  In terms of genre, I’d call it…’

Memoir?  Autobiography?  Journalism? 

‘… literary fiction.’

So much for lacking imagination.

CC Image courtesy of paulsims on Flickr