That’s A Great Question

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CC Image courtesy of Boz Bros on FlickrThere are so many great questions involved in a first date with someone you really like.

There’s the asking out itself, the ‘would you like to meet for a drink/dinner/to watch paint dry?’

The serious questions, like, ‘What do you write about?’


The really serious questions, like, ‘What’s your favourite chocolate?’

The everyday questions, like ‘how are you?’

There’s a wonderful line in Secret Diary of a Call Girl:  ‘You know how I feel.  And you know why?  Cos you are the only one who ever asks.’

And the best question of all, when you’re leaving the restaurant around 11pm and he turns to you on the pavement.

‘Would you like to get a drink somewhere?’

And your stomach flips, not because the curry was dodge, but because the night isn’t over; because the stakes just got higher; because you’re aching to kiss him, and it might just happen.

CC Image courtesy of victoriapeckham on Flickr

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