The Ancient (Egyptian) Art of Seduction

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‘You have beautiful eyes.’

That was how one Egyptian lifeguard went about it.  I was tempted to respond, ‘All the better for seeing you with, my dear,’ though I’ve a feeling it would have elicited a blank look.

Then there are the lines you remember for quite different reasons.

It was early days in our teenage relationship.  The ink was still drying on the ‘let’s go out’ conversation.  We had just finished watching Hitch, and I was doing the whole ‘loitering near the bedroom door, hoping for a goodnight kiss’ dance.  There’s a scene in the film where Will Smith (a.k.a. Hitch, date-doctor extraordinaire) tells a client that if a girl stands on her doorstep at the end of a date and fiddles with her keys, she wants to be kissed.  My boyfriend looked over at me, his characteristic wry smile in place.

‘Are you jangling your keys?’


CC Image courtesy of Dave Durden on Flickr

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