The Bermuda Triangle

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‘So there are three reasons why he might not have got in touch. One… ’

My editor has never seen me so attentive.

‘ …he’s not interested.  That’s the – ’

‘Most likely,’ I say, ‘yes.’

‘Yes, the Occam’s Razor.’

Do I ask?

‘Occum resor?’

‘Yes, named after the Franciscan friar…’

And two?  What about two?

Occam gets his moment in the spotlight.

‘Now, two…’


‘ …is he’s shy.’

‘Hmmm.  I don’t buy shy.  And neither do you!  You said the other day that even if you’re shy, if you like someone, you’ll overcome it.’

We do occasionally get some work done.

‘Y-es, but it’s still possible.’

‘Hmm well, he’s not shy.  I don’t think.’


Dramatic pause.

‘Three, is he’s… ’

Another pause.  What is the man trying to do to me?!

‘Dead?’  I suggest.

‘Nooo, that’s five, or six.’


‘No, three is he’s lazy.’

Ah but lazy guys, when they meet someone they like, stop being lazy!  I bite my tongue, not least because Joe, by his own admission, is lazy, so this is looking promising.

‘And so he’s not going to do anything much…’ Sounds about right. ‘…but he is interested…’

I give him a grateful smile; it’s a good try.

Now, one question remains: noose or Occam’s razor?

2 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle

  1. I always think #1 is alien abduction. Seems to happen a lot with English men especially. I mean, heaps of flirty banter and then.. nothing? Got to be the aliens.

    • Hi Elle,

      I went for MI5 (amongst other things) in an earlier related post, but we’re talking similar probabilities!

      It is unsettling when it happens. I think the best thing is to assume the worst, and then it’s a nice surprise if something does come of it!

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