The Chosen One

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CC Image courtesy of jeffcapeshop on FlickrI’m engaged.  Not like that.  I’m reading, and I’m engaged, hooked even.  It’s a think-tank report on ‘choice architecture’.  This would be out of character in every respect were it not for the fact that… I’ve got a crush on the author. 

To meet, he seems like a really normal guy.  Softly-spoken, polite, gentle: there’s nothing about him which points to the truth. 

But this is a man with actual Google results.  We’re not talking Facebook (he’s not on it, hence the googling), LinkedIn, or… OK so he is on Twitter. But the majority of the top ten results distinguish him from your average Johnny in so much as people are writing about him: people other than me.

I pull up the first link, a profile in a national newspaper, and read a few choice phrases out to Beatrice.  She rolls her eyes.

I scroll down and laugh.

‘What is it?’ she says.

‘Someone’s commented on the article saying, “this guy is a god”.’ 

I shake my head, but not because I disagree.

CC Image courtesy of halilgokdal on Flickr

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