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‘What do you write?’

Flatmate’s girlfriend’s brother has asked the million dollar question.

I hesitate a moment before saying, ‘Comedy.’

Flatmate laughs.  It’s not supposed to be funny.

Romantic comedy,’ I add.  ‘That’s what we’re calling it.’

Brother looks puzzled.  ‘Is it like… fiction?’

I glance at Flatmate.

‘It’s semi-autobiographical,’ he says.

I jump in. ‘It’s more like… fictionalized memoir.’

Whatever that is.

Brother nods.  ‘Sounds cool.’

Why thank you.


Later that evening…

I wander through to the kitchen where Flatmate is washing up.

‘Nearly eighteen months I’ve been writing the blog and I’ve still no idea how to describe it.’

‘It’s a dating blog,’ he says.

‘But I haven’t been on a date in months!  And there’s no shortage of stuff to write about.’

That second bit – not strictly true.

He shrugs.  ‘Then it’s a love interest blog.’

‘It’s a crush blog.’


I frown.  ‘Catchy.’

‘It is – quite.’

‘Hmm I’m not convinced.’

‘A crush blog… OK you can do better than that.’

‘I hope so,’ I say with a laugh, ‘in every sense.’

CC Image courtesy of photos by blperk on Flickr

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