The Exception and the Rule

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I came home the other day to a Facebook message from Thursday Guy.  It was perfect, except that it had taken four days, and four (for me) sleepless nights, to materialise. In that time, I had been through the gamut of possible reasons for lack of response, and come to the following conclusions:

  1. Sudden death – even at 38, this was unlikely.CC Image courtesy of David Masters on Flickr
  2. Amnesia – just unlikely.
  3. No internet access – he works in London, at a computer …
  4. Lovely weather so he is not on his computer in the evenings because he wants to make the most of the sun – see my earlier post, Cruel to be Kind.
  5. Something involving secret agents/localised power failures…

Thus I powered up the laptop with next-to-no expectations (wevs) to find a message beginning ‘Sorry, been home, out of internet range…’.  No. 3, I’m sorry I doubted you.  It transpires that there are pockets of rural England which the internet has not yet reached.  Like I said, the message was perfect.


With Wandering Hands maintaining radio silence, I am telling myself that Thursday Guy – with his lack of internet access – was an exceptional case.  W.H. texted on Sunday evening.  I replied a couple of hours later (the root rot was terminal).  It’s now Friday morning and I haven’t heard back.  Common sense tells me it’s a dead duck.  My promise to you is that if he hasn’t replied by midnight tonight, I will delete his number from my phone and its owner from my thoughts.

00:21  The number has gone.

CC Image courtesy of Flood on Flickr

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