The Ice-cream-Ordering Brigade

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It’s a critical moment in any first date.  You have been presented with the pudding menu, worked through the ‘I’m not remotely hungry but pudding isn’t about that’ phase, and are now weighing up the relative merits of ‘Death by Chocolate’ and sticky toffee pudding.  The waitress appears.  Your date invites you to order first, a gesture that earns him considerable brownie points.  Chocolate wins the day.

Now it’s his turn.Endearing or tragic?

‘The ice-cream, please.’

Sigh.  And it was all going so well.

There are exceptions, of course:

  1. If the ice-cream varieties listed are sufficiently esoteric, for example brown bread, honeycomb etc.
  2. You are in an ice-cream parlour/Italy.
  3. He has a brilliant and witty anecdote with which to justify his choice, and recognises that were this not the case he would be in the dog house.
  4. You like him A LOT and find his choice of pudding endearing as opposed to tragic.

If none of the above applies, I suggest making a run for it; after all, you want your heart to melt before the ice-cream.

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2 thoughts on “The Ice-cream-Ordering Brigade

  1. Have loved all the posts until now. I need some help with this one though. What exactly is wrong with ice-cream? I’ve never been a fan of it myself, and would definitely chose Death By Chocolate anytime over ice-cream. But I didn’t know until now that I was back up in my choice by some unspoken law of desert!

    • Hi Marge,
      Thanks for your comment. Glad you’re enjoying the blog!
      There’s nothing wrong with ice-cream per se but it’s not the sexiest of choices, so the man who orders it is putting himself at an immediate disadvantage. Ditto Shepherd’s Pie and Apple Crumble.
      I hope that helps.

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