The Most Important Question in the World

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Saturday, midday.  Vibrating phone.  It’s a text from the guy I met Tuesday night, the guy I really like but had (almost) given up on.  I am now faced with The Most Important Question in the World: how long to wait before replying?  More than an hour, obviously.  I’m a busy girl, with a houseplant to water, rinse aid to buy….  I’ll draft something now and let it rest.

By 2pm I have put the question to three friends.  Google tells me the average female response time is 1 hour 19 minutes.  Huh?

Three hours and an increasingly crowded draft folder later, I’m sitting on my hands.  At 3.30 I crack.  Send.

Sunday evening.  The houseplant is showing signs of root rot.  Its owner is also in a bad way.

He did reply of course.  28 Hours Later.  Is that his idea of a joke?


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