The One That I Want

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I’m writing a birthday list, otherwise known as re-wording ‘money’ in bullet point form.CC Image courtesy of tomylees on Flickr

Navy wool Ralph Lauren jumper, like the one in the blog…

Because that really helps people.

… size medium, round neck.

That evening, I’m chatting to a friend.

‘I need another man for the ball,’ I say.

‘I know a man!’ she says.

Don’t we all.

‘Oh,’ I say.  ‘Who?’

‘You might know him actually.  Harry – Harry Sinclair?’

‘Oh my God!’

Not literally.  Well…

We exchange ‘how we met’ stories.  I stop short of the landlady incident.

‘I wouldn’t get too… emotionally attached,’ she says.

I laugh.  ‘Don’t you worry, there’s no danger of that!’

I just want the jumper back.

CC Image courtesy of Steve Rhodes on Flickr

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