The Other Party

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CC Image courtesy of Claremont Colleges Digital Library on Flickr(Continued from Two To Tango)

‘Who is it you like?’  Beatrice says.

The dancing is over.  We’re chatting in the corner.  Well, I’m ranting, she’s listening.

I tell her about the bus ride, and the milonga.  She looks sympathetic.

‘It’s frustrating,’ I say.  ‘One kind of dance I’ve never done and, I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help feeling, if I’d been better at it – .’

Milonga approaching; I break off.

‘Hi,’ he says.  ‘Are you coming to the after party?’

‘Err maybe.’  I glance at Beatrice, trying to communicate with a look that this is Milonga, then back at him.  ‘Are you guys going?’

‘Yes – well – I am, and I think some of the others are.’

‘I’ll probably go along,’ I say.

Beatrice looks surprised.  I’ve never been to an after party.

CC Image courtesy of nigham on Flickr


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