The Sign Of Four

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Something came up on my Twitter feed the other day, and triggered a familiar thought process:

That’s so true… so true… actually that’s something I should use on the blog… *microwave pings*… I’ll find it later…


Where the hell is it?!… *searching Twitter for ‘someone likes you’*… grrrr… why didn’t I do a print screen earlier? WHY?… grrr… arghh… yes!  Now, PRINT SCREEN.

sign of four1

CC Image courtesy of wellcome images on Flickr

Yeah, hard news.

It’s true though: you can always tell when someone likes someone else.

1. They’re talking when you arrive at the party… and when you leave.

2. They somehow always end up sitting next to each other.

3. Touching (not like that… or like that).

4. He looks at her the way you used to look at him.

Which leads nicely onto…


If you have to ask…

Thank you to @SarcasmPage and @LostWords_ .

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