The X Factor

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CC Image courtesy of nerdcoregirl on FlickrI’d always fancied X. We saw each other often at dancing, and at mutual friends’ parties, but had never taken the plunge and actually spoken to each other.

I arrived at the ball with a group of friends. He was standing in the foyer with some people I vaguely knew, awaiting the rest of his party. He smiled at me.

‘Hello!’ And kissed me on both cheeks. ‘˜How are you?’


‘Hi! I’€™m well thanks,’ I said. ‘You?’

Also well. We could both have been dying and we’€™d still have been well. We went our separate ways.

The penultimate dance. I was without a partner; people were lining up. I saw X standing on the sidelines (not dead yet) and went over to him.

‘Erm do you have a partner for this one?’

He’d said hello; I figured I was allowed to claim some degree of acquaintance.

‘€˜No I don’t,’ he said. ‘Let’™s dance it.’

He led me onto the floor.

We danced. We chatted. He asked what my surname was, I told him what his was, we confessed to our respective jobs, I thanked him for the dance. And we went our separate ways.

Or did we?

CC Image courtesy of sameliaz8 on Flickr

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