This Is Not Just A Date…

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‘So why do you think you drink so much?’

‘That’s a deep question for a first date!’

I had just come from a tutorial on metanarratives in postmodern literature.  This was light relief.


We had met in the men’s fitting rooms of M&S, as you do.  I was there trying on men’s trousers.

‘How many items?’

Ashamed to say I didn’t really notice the speaker, didn’t register his lovely smile and kind eyes.

Luckily the trousers were too short. The assistant led me over to the section which housed the seductively named ‘Big and Tall’ range. He talked; I pretended to listen. Suddenly trousers weren’t at the forefront of my mind. I suspected the same was true for him.

I returned the next day and gave him my number. The following week, we went for drinks. It was the best date of my life, but he loved to drink and I was virtually tee-total.  Like the trousers, we didn’t quite fit.

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