Three’s A Crowd

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‘Change partners!’CC Image courtesy of wwarby on Flickr

It’s like speed dating to music.

You begin with exercises as a group, then they split you, women facing men, and you learn your steps.  It’s very efficient.  Twenty (men) quickly become ten (under 40), then five (under 30), then two (vaguely hot).

‘Hi, I’m [insert my name].’

‘Hi, I’m Nick.’

And attractive and nice-looking, a bit like Blog Nick, though older than I first thought.  Milonga is dancing with Nick’s girlfriend/wife/some woman he keeps looking at.

‘Change again!’

We take up hold.

‘Oops sorry, my bad!  Wrong leg!’

‘Don’t worry!’ I say. ‘It’s bound to happen when there’s a choice!’

We laugh, and introduce ourselves.

‘That was fun, thanks!’ I say, when the track comes to an end.

‘It was!’

He rejoins his girlfriend.

‘Shall we?’

Milonga and I take up hold.  Dancing with Milonga feels… sophisticated, grown-up, empowering.  Once upon a time, the sight of him turned me into a nervous wreck.  Now, here we are, dancing together.  The physical chemistry simmers pleasantly, and his hand occasionally drifts to the small of my back.  But that’s the way of the dance.

CC Image courtesy of Maria Rosaria Sannino/images and words on Flickr

This post is part of the 3 Dates, 3 Months! series.  Just Singles challenged its favourite dating bloggers to try 3 different methods of finding a date, and write about the experience.  

This week: Argentine tango classes.

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