True Story

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‘I’ve been following your blog.’

He’s been following me.  Well, my blog.

‘What do you think?’

‘I like it; it’s funny!’

Good looks and impeccable taste in literature: he’s a keeper.

Can I ask, is it all true?’

‘Erm, well, if it was a film, I’d say ‘based on a true story’.  Why?’

‘It’s quite… prolific.’

Back-handed compliment or a polite way of saying ‘you’re a slag’?  He called, and we’re yet to order; let’s go with the former.


The next day, I’m replaying the conversation in my head.  ‘Prolific’ is bugging me.  Setting aside the whole slag thing, there’s the fact that a prolific dater is by implication fairly unsuccessful.  I could defend myself, say that they’ve all been weirdoes who I’ve never wanted to see again.  But that’s not quite true: some I did want to see again.

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