Two To Tango

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(Continued from Crazy Behaviour)CC Image courtesy of JonRB on Flickr

He comes over to me.

‘I imagine you don’t have any dances free?’

‘I’m afraid not,’ I say, surprised.  ‘But I’d love to try a milonga!’  I look at the glass of wine in his hand.  ‘Or have you not had enough of that!?’

‘No – we could….’  He scans the room.  It’s the interval between dances, and the floor is crowded with people chatting.

‘Outside?’ I say.


We milonga on the terrace.  No.  He milongas; I do a decent impression of a plank of wood.  After about ten minutes, the band resumes playing, and we go back inside.

‘I think I need to watch some YouTube videos!’ I say.  ‘But thank you.’

‘Not at all.’  He smiles politely.  ‘I hope there’ll be another opportunity.’

He doesn’t mean this; I’m sure of it.  But half an hour later, I’m not even close to forgetting him.

CC Image courtesy of charlottel on Flickr



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