Valentine’s Day Post

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‘Did you get my card?’CC Image courtesy of paulinel1 on Flickr

I do a double take.  Does he know what day it is?  Of course he does; it’s his party.  He’s spent the afternoon blitzing beetroot to make a dip in keeping with the colour theme.  Which is red.

‘Er card?’ I say.

‘Well – letter.’

Thank you letter.  I only know two men who write thank you letters; and for three hundred and sixty-four days of the year, I’m thrilled to receive them.

‘Oh.  No, not yet.’

‘That’s odd,’ he says.

I laugh.  ‘It had better not arrive today!’

He looks hurt and confused.  I remove a fleck of beetroot from his hair.  Perhaps he doesn’t know what day it is.

CC Image courtesy of cynicalview on Flickr



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