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CC Image courtesy of blech on FlickrI like to spout to friends that a guy will do whatever it takes to spend time with you if he likes you.  Sometimes I doubt that this is really so, usually when I’ve just met a guy and he’s not doing whatever it takes.  We dance, we kiss, he takes my number, suggests drinks, we might even fix on a date.  Then he cancels because of work or because he needs to pack before going off on holiday.  That’s when it becomes convenient not to believe in the overblown love stuff.

Enter friend, stage left, saying that the guy she’s seeing (and whom she secretly really likes) is going to have to come house-hunting with her on the weekend instead of their original plan of a riverside walk – that’s if he really wants to see her.  ‘Are you serious?’ I say, before adding, ‘Well, if he’s keen, he’ll say yes’.  Immediately I question my own statement.  If he says no, does that really mean he’s not interested enough?  Or just a reasonable human being who doesn’t want to spend half of their precious weekend… NO.  Because this stuff isn’t reasonable.  We’re all fools in love or lust or infatuation, and fools go house-hunting on the hottest Saturday of the year if it means they get to spend time with you.  Fact.

So if he cancels a date to pack, send him packing.  Except that effectively he’s already sent you packing.  So just move on or if, like me, you’re not good at that, focus on what’s bad about him.  Trust me, there’ll be something.  Even if it’s the fact he smiles too much, laughs at everyone’s jokes, and befriends everyone. Yeah, whatever it takes.

Mr. Darcy said of Jane Bennett (who we don’t know he fancied, but still, he said it):

She smiles too much. 

If the shoe fits.

The guy said yes by the way, to house-hunting.

CC Image courtesy of andrew_j_w on Flickr

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