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‘Can I hold it?’CC Image courtesy of Let Ideas Compete on Flickr

I laugh.  ‘Sure.’

Lucy takes the phone, weighs it in her hand.  ‘It feels… expensive.’

Tesco’s finest!

‘It’s not – but it’s good!’

Except for when it’s bad and rings people I’ve spent all weekend resisting the urge to text.

She reads from the screen.  ‘Good reply by the way.  His message, it’s strange.’

I laugh.  ‘How so? I mean, I think so too, but… why?’

‘Well, if I get a call from someone I’m not expecting to hear from, I’d just text something like, ‘Hey, sorry I missed your call, what’s up?’

I don’t think Nick’s ever said ‘what’s up?’ in his life.

‘But he’s said,’ she adopts a suave tone, ‘“I had fun dancing, dot dot dot”, in that voice.’

We laugh.

‘And I thought the days of stupid text analysis were over!’  I say, taking the phone.  ‘Anyway, he hasn’t replied.’

Some things never change.

CC Image courtesy of Shakey_Hans on Flickr

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