When The Cat’s Away

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CC Image courtesy of Liana_Kyle on Flickr

(Continued from Foreign Climes)

Dan laughs.  ‘I can’t believe he didn’t tell you!’

‘Well – he didn’t know I was coming.  I should have checked he’d be here but, well, it didn’t occur to me that the host wouldn’t be at his own party!’ I say, laughing.  ‘He’s playing cricket, is that right?’


‘And… when’s he back?’

‘I honestly don’t know.  Seriously, he’s unbelievable.  He’s the most laid back guy I know!’

That’s one way of putting it.

‘He just said to me the other day that he was off to Benidorm to play cricket and that he’d be missing the party.  I thought he’d have told people!  He should have written something on the event page so everyone knew!’


But then, if he had, I probably wouldn’t have come.

Dan takes out his phone.  ‘I’m going to send him a picture.’  He asks one of the guests to take a photo of the two of us.

‘What are you writing?!’ I say.

He shows me the screen.  In the subject line he’s put ‘Forget something?’  I laugh.  He sends it.

‘More wine?’ he says, reaching for a bottle.

I hold out my cup.  ‘Thanks.’

‘Pinot grigio OK?’

‘What?  Oh, yeah, great.’

He fills it to the brim.



I shrug.  ‘Nothing.’

When in Benidorm…

CC Image courtesy of quinn.anya on Flickr

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