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It’s Saturday afternoon.  Mid-week drinks have just been confirmed.  I know Toby will be there; only problem is, as things stand, I won’t.  I drop the friend I’ve arranged to have dinner with that evening a text: Could we go for Monday instead?  Yes, we could.  Phew.

Monday, 4pm: a message from Toby, the culmination of some light-hearted back and forth over text:

‘Are you free for supper tonight?  I’ve got a couple of friends coming round.’  

Obviously it’s a very good thing that I am not free. This way I present as a wild socialite juggling a hectic schedule of parties, dinners, seeing friends etc; rather than as someone who normally spends their Monday evenings watching Poirot repeats.  Wild Socialite sends back:

”Fraid I’m busy this evening, but thanks for the invite.’


2 thoughts on “Woman About Town

  1. Hi, I’m really enjoying your blog as I avoid essay writing. A mutual friend, who wanted to be described as something like ‘a certain friend who loves cheesecake,’ recommended it. Thanks for the entertainment!

    • Hi Jen,

      That’s really nice to hear, thank you!

      I think I know to whom you’re referring; and I love that that’s how they choose to identify themselves.

      Triple bill this week; should keep the essays at bay!


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