Zero to Hero

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‘What’s happening on the man front?’ Lucy asks.

‘Nowt,’ I say.

‘Nothing?  What about that guy?’

‘Oh nothing.  Got pretty much conclusive evidence of zero interest the other day.’

‘Oh.’  She thinks for a moment.  ‘What’s the lowdown on him again?’

‘There’s not much point.  It’s dead in the water…’CC Image courtesy of yercombe on Flickr


‘Oh OK.  He-read-History-at-Durham-and-works-in-political-PR.  Would you like to see a picture?!’


Laptop enters the fray.

‘That’s him.’

She flicks through the photos.  ‘He’s a good-looking guy.’

‘Hmmm.’  I sigh.  ‘So, anyway, it’s not on the cards.  How’s it going with George?’

Lucy has a real relationship; it’s very inspiring.

She tells me about life as one half of a happy couple.  Listening to her is like watching a romantic film.  It comes to an end; she gets up from the sofa.

‘I’d best be going.  Thanks for a lovely evening!’

We hug, and she heads home to George.

I’m loading the dishwasher when a text arrives from Beatrice.  She’s reviewed the ‘conclusive evidence’.

‘I don’t think that’s conclusive, it could mean anything.’

Yeah, well, he does work in PR.

CC Image courtesy of MLHS on Flickr

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